Faculty of Architecture Planning & Urban Design


Faculty of Architecture Planning & Urban Design

Dean's Letter

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at University of Garden City. We are proud of the quality of the education and research of our faculty; and inspired by the innovativeness, capabilities, and solutions being created by our engineering students, graduates, faculty staff, and alumni. As we continue on our trajectory of excellence, we invite you to go beyond this brochure to learn more about us.

Our accredited telecommunications, computer engineering and medical engineering programs provide students the opportunity to pursue careers that are integral to our modern everyday lives, providing skills to advance society and creating possibilities for business development around the globe. Our department continues to explore new avenues to transfer engineering skills while pursuing research opportunities to expand their knowledge of practical applications of modern technology concepts. 
It gives us great pride to graduate students with credentials that make them competitive in the marketplace and students who are prepared to continue the learning process through their lifetime. 

Dean: Ali Musa Madibo – PhD, Urban Design


  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Planning & Urban Design
  • Department of Environmental Architecture
  • Department of Building Technology

The faculty was founded in 2010 with the vision of being one of the leaders in the field of construction and urban development education in Sudan, supplying the labour market with high calibre architects.


       Our vision aims to be one on the leading and deeply participating in the development of the engineering practice in the country.



      Our mission is to groom the students with strong foundations of knowledge and prepare them to face the challenges of the industry           and society. We are committing to graduate knowledgeable graduates capable of delivering the uppermost level of performance,               committing to professional excellence and ethical conduct also to:

  • Provide an excellent programme in planning, designing and constructing a developed and sustainable urban environment, while responding to local and regional ecological requirements.
  • Provide programmes that administer a curriculum that encompasses both old and new architectural theories, and focuses on the latest developments in architecture.
  • Undertake research projects and use the latest architectural design programmes (AutoCAD, Archicad, Max and Photoshop).
  • Address the main phenomena of life in Sudan and the problems associated with it, such as:
    • Increase in population
    • Increase in migration from rural to urban areas, leading to the unplanned expansion of towns and cities


Core Values

  • Professional excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Creativity

Career Prospects

Potential employment opportunities for graduates of this faculty are diverse, including:

  • Architecture – designing residential compounds, administrative and commercial buildings, as well as a wide variety of public buildings such as airports and train stations.
  • Urban planning for small, medium or large cities.
  • Technical and economic management and supervision of the execution of building construction.