Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a mix between the medical sciences and engineering that produces the essential tools, equipment and systems utilised by the healthcare field. The field is one of the most modern in the engineering sciences, which developed recently with the technological revolution. 

Objectives of the Faculty

General objectives:

1. Prepare and qualify graduates in the field of biomedical engineering to work in companies, factories and research centers.

2. Develop the capacities of students in self education and instill in them the importance of keeping abreast of the developments in their field of study.

3. Provide students with the optimal academic and practical knowledge in the field of biomedical engineering.
4. Help students to acquire skills in computer applications and other electronic systems in their field of specialization and train them to operate medical tools and equipment.

5. Build student knowledge and skill in the use of medical tools and equipment and the design of the related electronic systems.

6. Train and qualify students to design, assemble, operate, calibrate and maintain medical tools and equipment

The programme prepares students in: 

Professional ethics

Professional skills

Communication skills