Faculty of Communication Sciences


Faculty of Communication Sciences

Dean's letter

On behalf of the staff of the Faculty of Mass Communication, I would like to welcome you to our prestigious Faculty. Your decision to join the Faculty of Mass Communication at Garden City University shows that you are already aware that a respectable education which copes with and even heralds the international development in the field is a top priority in life.

The Faculty of Mass communication has made its top priority to graduate students who not only know  the core information related to Mass communication and its sciences, but also possess a broader knowledge of the different sciences and general, but necessary life skills. The faculty aims at graduating responsible citizens who can serve their community in the field of mass media and represent their country abroad.

The Faculty of Mass Communication offers its students an opportunity to specialize in one of its four majors: press and publishing, Radio and Television, public relations and Marketing Communications and advertising. I am honored to inform you that in any of these majors you will be taught by highly-qualified and experienced professors and professionals in the field of mass communication. Our students enjoy the use of the studio and labs.

Finally, we welcome you to your Faculty and hope you all are likely to enjoy the technical services and individual assistance the Faculty can offer.

Dean: Shahnaz Elzaki – PhD, Public Relations and Advertising


  • Department of Journalism & Publication
  • Department of Marketing Communication & Advertisement
  • Department of Public Relations
  • Department of Radio & Television [Broadcasting]

Communication is one of the most ancient sciences; it is the means by which:

  • Activities are unified and people are linked to achieve common goals
  • Behaviour is modified and actions are influenced to be in line with the greater good
  • It is our means of transmitting information, follow up and adapt to the informational and electronic revolution and the process of globalisation.

Recognising the importance of communication, the faculty has been dedicated to designing an enriching and competitive programme that elevates the faculty to be one of the leaders in this field.


  • Our vision is the  Mass Communication faculty should  be recognized as a regional and national leader in preparing undergraduate students for successful media and media-related careers

Our mission is to:

Highly competent communicators with a broad knowledge and training in the media.

  • Responsible citizens who can serve their community in the field of mass media and represent their country abroad.

  • Maintain the highest standards of academic excellence, by creating an intellectually challenging environmen

  • Foster intelligent, competent and socially responsible graduates
  • Achieve excellence in providing academic courses and research projects that are valuable to the community
  • Provide programmes that are relevant and responsive to the needs of the community and are concurrent with the rapidly changing environment of communication.



     our Objectives are to
  • Graduate students with both academic knowledge and professional skills for integrated media.

  • Provide graduates with ability in critical thinking, problem solving and sound judgment and thus contribute to the development of society.

  • Graduate students to be leaders of the society with a high sense of morality, skills, and insight 



  • Transparency

  • Participation

  • Interactivity

Career Prospects

Graduates will be qualified to seek employment in various media outlets and related entities, such as:

  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Marketing