Faculty of Computer Studies & Information Technology


Faculty of Computer Studies & Information Technology

Dean's letter

Dear Students of Faculty of Computer Studies and Information Technology,

On behalf of myself and of faculty members I would like to welcome you to the first step into your future career. 

It's an honor and a privilege to address you. You whom together will formulate the future of this whole region, participating in the development and progress of your counties through the knowledge you will aquire and the technology you shall master. 

I am looking forward for the day you step out of this institute equipped with knowledge and full  of well, ambition, and determination to contribute towords the progress of your Nations.

Dean: Adil Ali Abdelaziz – PhD, Computer Science and Software Engineering



  • Department of Information Systems
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Internet Engineering & Web Management
  • Department of Software Engineering

Information technology is a dynamic field that plays a vital role in both the private and public sectors.


Our vision is an international leadership with regional depth and a significant national impact.



To graduate knowledgeable graduates capable of delivering the highest level of performance, committing to professional excellence, and ethical conduct. And to participate in the social development on scientific, environmental, and social levels, through scientific research and collaboration with the industry.



                          1. To graduate students with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

                          1. To conduct appropriate and comprehensive researches that both enrich the knowledge and enhance the society.

                          1. To collaborate with the industry in order to perfect our students’ skills, widen the scope of research, and serve the community.

                          1. To serve the community through our students, our graduates and our



                          1. Professional excellence.

                          1. Innovation and creativity

                          1. Transparency .
                          1. Integrity.

UGC established this programme in 2003 to satisfy the community’s need for a sophisticated and advanced programme in information technology. The vision and main goal for the faculty is to offer an updated and high quality programme that produces graduates who can easily compete and excel in the rapidly changing IT field. The faculty tries to achieve its objectives through:

  • Providing a well rounded and updated curriculum on the theoretical and practical concepts in computer studies
  • Employing faculty members who believe in team spirit, cooperation and coordination to fulfil their duties.
  • Establishing bilateral relations with institutions in the field (e.g. Sudatel) in order to benefit the students with potential training and employment opportunities.
  • Providing lecture halls, computer laboratories and other facilities that are well equipped and allow for efficient teaching and training.