Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences


Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences

Dean's letter

Welcome to the college of Economics and Management sciences and  congratulations to all students who are graduated  as entrepreneurs and good leaders for the country .

The college is established in 2006, Although it is new, but we are working very hard to realize our vision to become one of the most important  entrepreneurs business schools in Sudan ,Africa and hopefully the world .

This college is closest to the community with the most vital role in achieving socio economic development .

Dean: Dr. Asya Sharief – PhD, Statistics


  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Statistics

Established in 2009, the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences strives to become one of the leading business schools in Sudan and Africa.


  • Strives and work very hard to promote a bright and glorious future for staff and students through.

  • Work hard to realize its vision to become one of the most famous and important “Entrepreneurs business schools in Sudan , Africa and hopefully the world”


Can be summarized in the following points :-

  • provide opportunities to develop the staff abilities and that will enable the college to help the community and solve its problem through research , workshop , conference...etc.

  • Offers  various  academic  programs which are relevant  to the needs of the community. Programs must periodically be reviewed  and adapted to the continuous  changes in technology .


We committed to supply  the labor  market with a pool of qualified ,innovation , competent and trust worthy graduates who can serve their communities in a modern and sophisticated styles of management also,to provide a curriculum that promotes critical thinking skills and enhance decision-making abilities to help students become productive and informed citizens. Our faculty will engage in relevant research to create, disseminate and apply new knowledge, develop quality teaching skills, maintain high professional standards, and actively serve the University and community.


Ethics stem from beliefs and values of people ,hence there is a degree of subjective judgment  because people differ with regard to what is right and what is wrong …still there are many concepts that can be considered Ethical e.g. :-

  • Loyalty

  • Commitment

  • Compliance with the university by-law and policies

  • Equality ,fairness and impartial treatment

  • Honesty

Courses offered are designed to enable students to pursue business using modern scientific theories, processes and techniques.