Faculty of Multimedia & Creative Studies


Faculty of Multimedia & Creative Studies

Dean: Salah Mohamed Sharief – PhD, Fine Arts


  • Department of Animation
  • Department of Digital Imaging
  • Department of Digital Video Arts
  • Department of Writing for Multimedia

Multimedia is an integration of text, image, sound, design and animation all stored in a computer system. It is the ability to mix and match different media into one digital format so as to convey a message.

Multimedia has a profound impact on the field of communication. The concept is advanced and well known in developed nations such as Germany, UK and Malaysia, but it is still seeking recognition in the African and Arab region.

UGC is the first educational institution to introduce the programme of multimedia in Sudan. The faculty was established in 2006 with the help of foreign experts from British and Malaysian universities, as well as the recruitment of a number of field experts from Sudan.

The faculty of multimedia and creative studies strives to:

  • Satisfy the urgent need of the national and regional market and provide a specialised and competent cadre in multimedia studies.
  • Contribute in the technical development and modernisation of media in Sudan.