International Students


International Students


Study Visa Requirements

All international students must hold a study visa in order to attend university in Sudan. Prior to travelling to Sudan, applicants must approach the Sudanese embassy or consulate in their home country to obtain a study visa. If there isn’t a Sudanese embassy in your country, you must apply at the nearest embassy to your home country.

You may fill out an application for a study visa once you have received an acceptance letter from UGC together with a letter in support of an application for a study visa. Applications usually take 3-6 weeks to be processed; it is imperative that students await the outcome of their study visa application in their countries of origin or residence.

Study Visa Application Procedures

  • A valid passport
  • Acceptance letter from UGC and visa support letter
  • Proof of financial ability to pay tuition fees and adequate means of support while in Sudan
  • A medical certificate as provided on the study visa application form and details of arrangements made with regard to medical coverage. Please note that medical insurance has to be from a recognised Sudanese company (see Residence and Health Requirements below).

Keep copies of submitted documentation; do not forward the visa application or documentation to the University.

Residence and Health Requirements

Once in Sudan, international students are required to apply for residence permits at the Ministry of Interior, where they will also undergo medical examinations required by the ministry.

International Student Office (ISO)

The ISO provides on-going administrative support services to all international students upon arrival and during their orientation and academic registration at the University. In certain respects, international students’ needs differ markedly from local students (e.g. foreign academic qualifications, visa requirements, healthcare, language, safety and security issues, etc.). ISO assists with and provides guidance on these matters in consultation with relevant bodies where appropriate.

Most international students face challenges when adapting to a new culture and living and learning environment. The Orientation Programme aims to address most of these challenges, and provide positive outcomes for both students and the institution.

To contact the ISO:

The International students office (ISO) is located within the Student Deanship Office on campus.

Telephone: +249 155 664 965