Main Library


Main Library


Located on the third floor of the main building, the Main Library is the hub of the UGC campus. It was established in 2003, and consists of:

  • The Main Hall (120m2)
  • The Electronic Library (90m2)
  • The Discussion Room (35m2)

The Library houses an excellent collection, while qualified librarians provide general reference and instructional services to students, staff and the wider community. The library is also fully computerised and operates in a networked environment that provides access to the computerised catalogues and a range of local, national and international databases.

Library Collections

The UGC Main Library contains textbooks for programmes offered at UGC, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other references, as well as other books such as biographies.

Its electronic library contains a large number of e-books and other online references. The e-library operates on a fast internet connection to ensure quality of service.

Library Services

Librarians are available to assist students with the following:

  • Search and consultation of references
  • Web research
  • Training in effective use of library resources and services
  • Assist students in writing and printing research papers
  • Provide selections of indices and abstracts of new articles and materials (for faculty and student use)

For more information, contact the UGC Main Library at:

Telephone: +249 155 664 965