President's Welcome

President’s Welcome

We welcome you the University of Garden City, and are delighted with your interest in this great institution.

Since you come from different backgrounds, it is natural that you have different educational aspirations. Whatever these are, you will find that UGC offers you the opportunity to fully pursue them, with an experience that is both grounded in the reality of today’s world and inspired by the possibilities of the future.

UGC has come a long way since its launch as a modest institute in 2003. We are successfully transforming this university, pursuing a quest for excellence and creating a new higher education model that is not only be locally applicable, but also widely recognised and respected.

I am particularly pleased with how our university has advanced by daring to be bold. We are poised to introduce new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that add value to what is being offered by higher education institutions in the country. In this way, we continue to grow beyond our geographical boundaries to create greater opportunities for students around the region. We strive to expand the scope of learning for our students, and thus enhance the value of the degree they obtain.

Welcome to UGC, where you can acquire the knowledge and skills that will make you as distinctive as this exceptional institution of higher learning.

Eng. Omer Mohamed Abuelgasim