Tuition & Scholarships


Tuition & Scholarships


Tuition Guide

The below table outlines tuition amounts for the 2015 – 2016 academic year, organised by degree programme. Tuition for 2016 – 2017 will be set in April 2016. Please note that tuition fees are subject to increase; use the below amounts as a guide.

Programme Amount (SDG)/year
B. Sc. (Honours) Architectural Engineering 15,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Biomedical Engineering 20,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Business Administration 8,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Communication Sciences 7,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Computer Engineering 10,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Industrial Engineering 17,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Information Technology 8,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Multimedia 6,000
B. Sc. (Honours) Telecommunications Engineering 10,000
Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) 14,550 ($2000 USD for non-Sudanese)


Academic Fee Structure

Candidates holding SSSC

  • Application Form Fee (to GDA) - SDG 45.00
  • Registration Fees - SDG 800.00
  • UGC Application Form Fee - SDG 50.00
  • Students Fund - SDG 20.00

Application and registration fees are non-refundable and do not form part of tuition fees. All payments must be made in cash at the university’s cashier office.

Tuition fees do not include the cost of books, stationery and other learning aides. Students should also be mindful of the separate cost of lodging, transport and personal expenses.



Scholarships are awarded to students who distinguish themselves academically at the level of SSSC or the programmes in which they are enrolled at UGC. Below is a list of scholarships offered by UGC for deserving students.

UGC Undergraduate Merit Awards: given to academically outstanding students after the end of each semester study excluding their final semester. The award announcement is posted on most university bulletin boards.

Entrant Scholarships: two (2) full scholarships per faculty are awarded to newly enrolled students who score more than 84% on the Sudan Secondary School Examinations Certificate (SSSC). These scholarships are awarded upon receipt of the original SSSC; no separate application is necessary.

Sports Scholarships: awarded to a maximum of twelve (12) students who satisfy the requirements for admission to UGC and who have played sports at a national level in the year prior to registration at UGC. The scholarship covers tuition costs, and its renewal is incumbent upon satisfactory academic performance.

Application forms are available at the Student Deanship Office; application deadline is October 31.